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KIN – An epic tale of conflict and redemption told through bellydance

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KIN enjoyed TWO SOLD OUT SHOWS on November 21, 2015 and was a huge success! We are so incredibly thankful for the hard work of our talented choreographers, cast and crew. We would also like to extend a special thank you to all of the donors to our Indiegogo campaign, especially our Standing Ovation level donor, M. Wall, and to several local business sponsors who helped to bring this show to life.


Cazbar Restaurant, Baltimore, MD
Authentic Turkish in Downtown Baltimore, featuring Baltimore’s premier belly dance shows Fridays at 9 and Saturdays at 9:30.

Sanctuary Bodyworks, Baltimore, MD
Belly dance, group fitness, personal training and bodywork in an inspiring space in historic Fell’s Point.

Blue Mountain Martial Arts, Ellicot City, MD
Hone mind, body, and spirit through the Korean art of the sword – Haidong Gumdo. Traditional martial arts training in a modern and professional curriculum, with a black belt master instructor.

Jessica Masten Tye, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Westminster, MD
Mary Kay premium makeup and skin care sales, consultations and parties. Create your ideal beauty experience.

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Elena Faye

ElenaElena Faye is an award-winning performer and teacher based in the DC metropolitan area. Born into a family of dancers, painters, and musicians, Elena was surrounded by art from a young age. She first began belly dancing at the age of 14, under the instruction of DC-based dancer Najwah (Karen McLane). After four years of intense study, Elena relocated to New York City in order to pursue her undergraduate degree at Columbia University’s Barnard College.
During her time in New York, Elena had the opportunity to study and collaborate with such respected artists as Nourhan Sharif, Ranya Renee, Luna of Cairo, and Kaeshi Chai. She also spent three years as President of the Columbia University Bellydance Troupe, which is host to the annual Collegiate Middle Eastern Dance Conference.

After earning her degree in Middle Eastern Language & Culture with a Minor in Dance, Elena returned to DC where she performs as a soloist as well as a member of the Nomad Dancers and Ancient Rhythms Dance Company. She is also on the faculty of Saffron Dance, where she teaches weekly classes. To find out more about Elena Faye, visit:

Latifa & Banat al-Beled

BanatAlBeledBanat al-Beled is one of the most popular Middle Eastern dance troupes in the Baltimore-Washington area. Over the years, Banat al-Beled has built a solid repertoire of both folkloric and nightclub-style dances, derived from such different cultural influences as the African-nuanced dancing at traditional Saudi Arabian women’s parties, the melding of Spanish and Arabic culture in Andalusian Spain, the proud line dances of the Levant, the night clubs of Cairo, and the “melting pot” of American belly dance.


LatifaTheir founder Latifa is a nationally recognized performer, instructor, and choreographer. She studied for over ten years with the late Ibrahim Farrah, who designated her as one of his protégées shortly before his death. Latifa holds a master’s degree in Arab studies from Georgetown University and was awarded a fellowship after graduation to study Arabic at the American University in Cairo. While there, she divided her time between her academic studies and private and semi-private dance lessons with prominent Egyptian instructors. Latifa has performed to great acclaim at Rakkasah East and West, Art of the Belly, and local shows and haflas. Latifa’s students are known for their expressiveness, musicality, and stage presence. In addition to teaching and directing her dance company, Latifa currently organizes the Fez Tones Hafla, the best regular live music and belly dance event in the state. To find out more about Latifa and Banat al-Beled visit

Naimah & Amandari

AmandariAmandari was formed in 2008 with founding members Naimah (director), Patti, Mandy Rust and Jeanne Gary. Jeanne Gary was the one who bestowed upon them the lovely name of Amandari meaning “peaceful spirit”. Since then Amandari has grown steadily in popularity and size and regularly showcases different combinations of its over 20 talented dancers at various events and festivals throughout the region.


NaimahNaimah began her study of belly dance in 1999 bringing with her a background in ballet, modern, hip hop, and African dance. She began her study with Egyptian Raqs Sharqi, but after intensive study with many instructors exploring new interpretations of contemporary belly dance, she found her niche in the art of Modern Tribal style belly dance. Naimah is known for her mysterious, gothic infused, fluid movements. Her moves have been compared to that of a “man eating plant” and a “mechanical snake”. She has also performed and taught workshops at well known festivals such as Rakkasah’s Spring Caravan, CCBC World Dance Festival, Tribal Fest 13, the BOCA Festival, KisFest, Shimmy in the Sun in Costa Rica, Bellypalooza, Belly Horror, and Raven’s Night : Grimm Fairy Tales.

Naimah is the current director of the bi-monthly show Moonlight Tribal Lounge and is also the co-director of Maryland’s largest belly dance festival, “Art of the Belly” in Ocean City, MD which showcases all styles of belly dance. To find out more, please visit and

Mariza & Lazuli

LazuliLazuli Belly Dance Ensemble is Mariza’s student dance troupe. Formed in 2011, this talented group of dancers are known for going from classic elegance to completely out of the box, moving between traditional raqs sharqi and folkloric dances to entertaining belly dance fusions.



MarizaMariza began her belly dance study in 2004 at the University of Virginia, was one of the founding members of the Barakaat Dance Company in 2010, and began teaching regular classes in 2011, where she quickly became one of the most popular belly dance instructors in Baltimore. She has studied Egyptian Raqs Sharqi, American Tribal Style, and Tribal Fusion as well as the Suhaila Salimpour belly dance format all of which influences her dancing and teaching style. Her performances are technical, dynamic and totally unique. She continues to train regularly with some of the best in our field, expanding her knowledge base, and using that knowledge to generate incredibly creative and exciting choreographies. She regularly produces dance showcases, hosts workshops, and manages the best regional dance website in the area,, making her an incredible asset to the Baltimore belly dance community.
To find out more about Mariza and Lazuli, visit

Baba Ghanoush

BabaGanoushBaba Ghanoush is a tasty belly dance treat made of Amy Fae and Joanna Alizarin. Together, they explore the joy of dance with whimsy, humor, and harmony. They are known for their joyful style and playful chemistry on stage, and their artistic exploration of the duet format, including both technical precision and theatrical interactions. Baba Ghanoush has made appearances at Akimbo Baltimore and at many fairy festivals and arts festivals. They are even featured on their own paper dolls. Amy and Joanna also make regular appearances with the popular Aubergine Belly Dance Troupe under the direction of Nina Amaya, who we want to thank for their in kind support of this project. For more information, please visit and

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About the Show

Three siblings engage in the metaphysical arts on behalf of their tribe, but opening doors to the spiritual realm can have unexpected results, especially when the human conduit is harboring dark feelings.

With KIN, Barakaat utilizes the rich movement vocabulary of belly dance to tell an original story of human emotion, family love, loss, betrayal and renewal. We reached out to some of the best local and regional belly dance performers to help bring this story to life. Over 40 dancers – professionals, semi-professionals and talented amateurs – contributed their creative efforts to this show!

Barakaat has built a reputation for excellence in the local dance community, and has worked with distinguished institutions such as the Smithsonian, the National Aquarium, Artscape and Dance Baltimore. Now, we are pushing the boundaries of Middle Eastern-born arts in the context of modern America, while honoring the roots and traditions of these beautiful cultural dances.

Check out our calendar to see all of our upcoming events!