Barakaat Middle Eastern Dance Company - Bellydance in Baltimore, MD

Mariza & Lazuli

Lazuli Belly Dance Ensemble is Mariza’s student dance troupe. Formed in 2011, this talented group of dancers are known for going from classic elegance to completely out of the box, moving between traditional raqs sharqi and folkloric dances to entertaining belly dance fusions.

Mariza began her belly dance study in 2004 at the University of Virginia, was one of the founding members of the Barakaat Dance Company in 2010, and began teaching regular classes in 2011, where she quickly became one of the most popular belly dance instructors in Baltimore. She has studied Egyptian Raqs Sharqi, American Tribal Style, and Tribal Fusion as well as the Suhaila Salimpour belly dance format all of which influences her dancing and teaching style. Her performances are technical, dynamic and totally unique. She continues to train regularly with some of the best in our field, expanding her knowledge base, and using that knowledge to generate incredibly creative and exciting choreographies. She regularly produces dance showcases, hosts workshops, and manages the best regional dance website in the area, making her an incredible asset to the Baltimore belly dance community.